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Lady SusanLady Susan`s challenges

Further education and off-the-job-training as well as traveling and workshops to/in Ireland.

Thank you for visiting my homepage.

As you know, we like to practice workshops named „further educations“ as well as „off-the-job-trainigs“, nowadays.

We have a wide experience of doing that. Normally we are doing our work in Germany and Northern Ireland but sometimes as well in several other european countries.

Lady Susan Kunstprojekt Lapp 020The person born with a talent

they are meant to use

will find their greatest happiness in using it.

                                                 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In further times we like to concentrate, to focus, on Ireland, Northern Ireland predominantly. Of course still on Germany and furthermore as well on Scotland, Wales and England.

Personally I stand for a good interchange between Ireland and Germany.

In case I am a real „irish girl“ from Northern Ireland and I am living in Germany for decades.

Lady Love Northern Ireland  130Now it`s time to focus my so much loved Island again!

So I would like to yield all my know-how in Lady Susan`s challenges.

 It could be a real challenge for you as well!

A challenge for your life to bring more of your resources on to the surface and moreover it could be a good exchange between two countries, so you will be able to steep in your own history, using your experience of life with our supervision.

We all like Ireland but it could be profitable for you as well

to come to Germany

with a guided tour with Lady Susan`s challenges.

 Please read more about that on our homepage under „Travels“!

As you know, it is not the question to find yourself – the question is, how to create yourself.

Yes you are right! It is George Bernhard Shaw himself with the following saying:


Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

                                                                                                      Georges Bernard Shaw



Furthermore, please allow me to suggest to have a look at my activities as an author.

Admittedly the most books, as well as audio-books, essaies and professional articles I have written, are in german language. But some are publicised as well in the english language.

So please have a look at my further homepage and you will find one book and one audio-book in english and additional on the „Blog“ some stories, in the minute.

It is incidental that over the next time you will be able to find more and more in english language. That is a pledge, for sure.

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.

                                                                                                                                 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I would be very glad to meet you, either in Germany or on the Island or where ever and maybe with my writings in psychology, philosophy and more, as well.

The only constant thing is change!

 Looking really forward! – Thank you indeed and God bless you!

Yours Lady Susan


Thinking is easy, acting is difficult,                                 You will never do anything


and to put one’s thoughts into action                               in this world without courage.


is the most difficult thing in the world.                           It is the greatest quality of the mind

                                                                                                          next to honor. 


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe                                               Aristotle