History (from Greek ἱστορία) is the word for the study of the past.
A short story is a „brief work of literature“.
Literature (Latin: literatura or litteratura) means “writing formed with letters” and moreover also spoken or sung texts.
We are talking about our great stories!

Our great stories are some stories of a very small part of the whole humans.
They are spoken texts as well as written texts.
The texts announce from the past like a story-teller including the lore of witness like a philosopher.
Exploiting the history of a human and at the same time the stories will ask you if you allow them to abduct you in one of your own and furthemore worlds to relax and surprise you at the same time.
Thats a real challenge! – lets go on!


Moreover in the sense of psychology there is a book written about the language, about communication with the subconsciousness – named –

Being-as-self in autarchy through hypnosis
A psychological-philosophical observation
Hypnosis is an other kind of perception of the world, of your environment. To talk about hypnosis and to talk with hypnosis is a special form of communication and it is worthwhile to talk and write about it. It could be a self-contained short story!

Hypnosis Book

In my opinion hypnosis is the door towards our extended perception and the teacher of the words at all.
So you can be curious of that privat story – it is amazing.
It can tell you the true story of your real deep history of your life – usually written in narrative prose. You will be, you are your own prose writter!
Writing and reading your novel and you will realise your answer to the old question of „order and disorder“!
You can not imagine what kind of experience it is to read your own, your authentic story in you!
A real challenge – believe in you! That is the story of your life!

Yours Lady Susan

Hypnosis CD 1 - Your journey