Polarity is up to mischief

Polarity also causes mischief in the form of Empedocles. Close to Thales of Miletus, succumbing to the deceptive shadows, dividing himself into the leader’s consciousness, obeying the mind, the nurturer of reason, he serves the hated brother of Chaos, the Logos, teaching the clarity of the deceptive shadows.

He shares what should never have been secured. He was soon assured of the support of the children of balance, health, and illness. By sharing the still virginal world of balance, approaching the winged steeds, the thousands upon thousands of dissonances that shrilly drown out the whispers, blinded by the light of glory, succumbing to the deceptive shadows, he walks from now on as a messenger of the gods. But the errand runners walk in the world of magic.

Doesn’t chaos promise him dominance in the intermediate world of magic?

As one can see from the news of his being, he uses the chaos to announce the powers of the afterlife, while at the same time, guided by the bright glow of the hour of glory, he pays its tribute to physics. It is to his credit that he always, even in the vicinity of Arché, recognizes beings in their diversity, as a subject of logos and chaos, he knows how to proclaim the change of Heracleitus, following the deceptive shadows, allowing him to succumb to the sword of glory.

Recognizing the elements, the driver’s consciousness falls into thrall

Recognizing the elements, the driver’s consciousness has fallen into disrepair, and he does not take advantage of the opportunity.

Earth and water, fire and air, however, are subject to the winged horses. Submitting them to the driver’s consciousness is enough to bring the bright light of power.

But anyone who never stops obeying only serves the power of striving. However, commanding has its origins in obeying, and this is like the shadow. However, the shadow is essentially powerless. The shadow is the power within itself. Never moved from outside, never moving the outside, but moving within itself. Same as its origin.

Only the deceptive shadows promise power, for they are moved and moved. Far from their origin.

But the elements are the same as their origin!

Only those who leave the steering to the winged horses can recognize the self-moving elements and take advantage of the opportunity. The shadow, which is the power within, faces the earth as well as the water. However, fire and air promise the shadows and are power in themselves from the beginning and therefore equal to the origin. For if the beginning had an end, it would not be the beginning.

“Sphairos” and “Akosmia”

Fire and air are eternal. But what is eternal cannot be separated. But if it cannot be separated, then it is not in the wake of the earth or the water. Even “Sphairos” and “Akosmía” who once unite and once separate only have the right to demand their right from the blinded. Because “love” and “quarrels” have sprung from the deceptive shadows. Only through these two are Sphairos and Akosmía animated. What is love’s reward if it takes fighting to keep the curve moving.

Nothing, nothing else calls Sphairos and Akosmía to the blinded driver. So, the almost inanimate beings are blinded by love, which only owes their existence to the immediate intervention of the dispute. As long as the development of the earth and the water is sparked by love and strife, which only fertilize each other, like twins, their power is bound. For they are the shadow power, shadowed by Arché. But the shadow is the power within itself.

Fire and air, which are eternal in themselves, both like winged horses, are good in themselves.

The sharing of the fire and the sharing of the air is loud and quiet in itself. Same as the origin. It is not the fire that is to be shared by the twin’s being, nor the air that is to be shared by the sister’s noise. The fire within itself, the air within itself is destined to be divided by the winged horses. Only in this way can the development of earth and water be equal to the original shadows.

But the fire in its roar confuses the minds of the drivers in their driver consciousness. The noise resembles the deceptive shadows and so what should never have been shared is shared. But the winds are always at the service of the beings to pave the way. Towards diversity, towards the team, serving recognition.

But the winds arise when the air is divided into itself and only when the winged horses, all of good stock, rush through the fire, as from the origin. Everything moving within itself at the same time. The elements are all called those of the stars.

The deceptive shadows

Fallen through the deceptive shadows and the loud noise of fame, serving love and thus strife, today’s time promises, through blinding, the recognition of what is probably called the “small and smallest particles” of the elements.

But these “smallest particles” removed from their origin, all born from the driver’s consciousness, promise health and serve illness. Obeying the balance.

In modern times it is called medication. However, the drugs are subject to both good and bad.

This is done to serve the polarity, the logos and thus the chaos.

The beings who leave the steering to the winged steeds in order to then share the fire and the air, like their origin, discover far more than what is probably sometimes called magnetism today.

But magnetism is the wise one, the being that approaches and recognizes the team through the winds.

 Recognizing the diversity of the one is part of eternal existence.

Lady Susan

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